Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Sakura 2013!!!

Everything's gonna be all right, Sakura... by ~wishluv on deviantART

Good news or bad news first? Bad news first because that's how I like things--Chapter 69 is not yet finished but good news is that it's getting there, perhaps 90%? I was targeting a release for Sakura's birthday, a friend was visiting from the States for the past week that I haven't seen in three years. Throw social and work obligations out the window so I can finish writing Arc 4! So, I'm rather mischievous in my own way amongst people I am close to and love playing Aprils' Fools jokes, but I just don't have the heart to play any prank on you guys and have a fake chapter up. But I do admit the thought has crossed my evil mind.

I know it's Sakura's birthday, but I wanted draw sort of a canon fanart pertinent to an Arc 4 scene so it can be added to the New Trials picture book. I know I rather rushed through drawing it so I see it more as a concept art. Maybe I'll redraw from another angle some other day. How I went from drawing the pink ribbon scene in Arc 2 to this one, I do not know. Actually, I'm pretty sick of drawing S+S at the moment and really want to draw Meilin and other characters. Can't wait to finish Chapter 69 because there are so many side projects I want to do and have stalled. 

Happy Birthday Sakura 2013!!! Happy Aprils' Fool Day and Happy Easter as well!

The music spotlight this time around is an obvious choice, Sweetbox's "Everything's gonna be alright." I think I included this song some time ago on the New Trials OST playlist. The song is a quintessential 90s song, released in 1997. This was sort of therapeutic song during my high school and college years, I think, when things were tough for me. I still enjoy listening to it once in a while because you really can't go wrong with classical mixed with hip-hop.  I'm a big fan of Bach, especially Air on the G String from Suite No. 3, which is the classical piece playing the background in case you are wondering. There is another version of the song, the Reborn Version, featuring Jade, of Final Fantasy X-II fame (English singing voice of Yuna), but for this song I prefer the original Tina Harris version which is just more raw.