Saturday, February 15, 2014

Belated Happy Valentines Day 2014!!!

The Dark Ones: A not so distant past... by wishluv on deviantART

Belated Happy Valentines Day!

The past few months have been a whirlwind, as is year's end usually. I don't think I've ever been glad that a year is over, but I am glad that 2013 is over. I am late celebrating V-day because I was asked last-minute to translate a wedding ceremony into English today by a coworker. Why me, I wonder. I swear, I'm always doing random errands for weddings of people I am not that close with. Of course I wouldn't mind doing it for my friends. I got to learn a new German-language poet though, Rainer Maria Rilke, an Austrian. The service included the poem "Lieben," translated into Korean, and I had a real hard time finding an English translation. And a German to Korean to English translated poem would not have sounded pretty. It's a long poem, but I could only find the first  couple verses. It's very pretty.   

And how might Love have come to you?
Did Love come like sunshine, like the glow of blossoms?
Did it come like Praying? Tell!
A brilliant joyfulness detached itself from heaven
And hung with large folded wings
From my blossoming soul.

I have a bunch of other fanart I am working on, but I decided to post one of character designs not seen before up. Can you even guess who they are? I think this is Chang Ryouta, Reiji and Eri in their freshmen year of high school. They look slightly younger here than they would in the beginning of the Nadeshiko Arc. They are the same age as Ryuuren, who was 17, when he first came to Japan. Nadeshiko is three years younger. She was 14 when she first met Li Ryuuren. 

Of course, the most important news is the status of Chapter 70 after an awful cliffhanger. I really thought I would be able to finish it quicker, but basically between October and January, work took precedent. I've been writing more recently though so hopefully it will be done soon. Yes, I was aiming for a Valentine's Day release but it was just not happening. Sigh.

So, is anyone else as obsessed with Frozen? It's my favorite Disney animated feature film since... I don't know. Mulan?

Today's song is a sad one, Kokia's "Time to Say Goodbye." I think this is one of the first songs that made me fall in love with Kokia years ago. I sort of rediscovered it recently because I have run out of songs to listen to while writing. Please recommend me any good songs because I am in dire need of a new playlist for writing!