Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Tsubasa: Shuraiki Trailer

The trailer of the new Tsubasa: Shunraiki OAD coming out this march is out at the official website: http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/tsubaholi/tsubasa/special.html#MOV

I never finished watching the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle anime series, but I loved the seiyuu and music. Obviously Beetrain was much criticized over animation quality and the fillers. I'm not opposed to fillers, as in the case with Card Captor Sakura anime; some of my favorite CCS episodes were original episodes, such as the Move Card episode, the whole Meilin arc, the Dream Card episode and the elevator episode. Well, I think Ohkawa-sensei was involved in the script-writing process though, so it's still partially canon whereas some anime just do a horrible job with non-linear "fillers." Either way, I enjoyed the execution of the first set of Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations OVAs/OADs... Especially CCS!Sakura-chan's cameo. I was underwhelmed by the trailer itself, but it was only a 45 second clip-- Tomoyo-hime looks beautiful. I liked Maaya Sakamoto's first ending better though. Saigo no Kajitsu has this wistful quality that Maaya is so good at singing, and the lyrics were pertinant too, but perhaps Sonic Boom would grow on me as well. Both are on her new album Kazeyomi.

The image of TRC!Syaoran + Clone!Syaoran from the cover of TRC 211 is so heartwarming and bittersweet. The manga is heading to its climax now, nee? It's CLAMP's 20th anniversary and they're doing a rerun of Card Captor Sakura in Japan in the spring. How nostalgic! And CCS in Blu-ray is being released as well. It's amazing how CCS still remains so popular, and can you question why--amazing art, story, characters and music. It has the whole package and as far as shoujo manga/anime goes, CCS is the cream of the crop and a trendsetter.


  1. ...somehow, Shunraiki doesn't look promising animation-wise, compared to Tokyo Revelation...dunno, something seems a bit off. Other than that, I am eager to see it ^__^ maybe get the chance to see a bit of TomoyoxKurogane lol.

  2. I'm really eager to see Tomoyo and Kurogane interact too... And more Maaya Sakamoto! Yay!

  3. OMIGOSH im so excited! IT LOOKS fun!! and i wish to see kuro-rin and tomoyo-san interact more! ^_^

  4. Wow, there are more Tomoyo and Kurogane fans out there than I thought. Lol...