Monday, March 2, 2009

New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Family Trees

I never meant my fanfiction to have so many characters. As we all know, the whole lineage of the Amamiyas, the Lis, the Mizukis, the Changs, the Reeds and the Kinomotos are very very confusing. Heck, I get confused all the time. Lol...

Moonlitdragon7 from has done something wonderful and made a beautiful compilation of the family trees for us. I am so grateful and impressed. Of course, there are some gaps here and there, but that is because the information is not present yet in New Trials canon. :P

So, here is the Li Clan Family Tree:

Reed and Li Family Tree by ~moonlitdragon7 on deviantART

The Kinomoto/Amamiya Tree:

Amamiya Kinomoto Family Tree by ~moonlitdragon7 on deviantART

The Mizuki/Tanaka Tree:

Mizuki and Tanaka Family Tree by ~moonlitdragon7 on deviantART

The Chang Tree:

Chang Family Tree by ~moonlitdragon7 on deviantART

The Li family tree if by far the most complicated, nee? I like how the Kinomoto and Amamiya one is so neatly tied up. Same with the Mizuki one, which is pretty much errorless. (There are some vague points in New Trials about various lineages that I left vague on purpose...) It would be interesting to see a "complete" family tree some day. And the Chang tree just makes me a little sad too. So, many thanks to Moonlightdragon7 and hope this would be great reference to everybody!

I also LOVE the twelve-point star that can be seen here:

P.S. It makes me depressed that I can't make this blog look pretty. Oh well...


  1. That's a LOT of characters...its a wonder you can write a bit about all of them lol. Kudos

  2. Hehe.... I'm sort of sad that I CAN'T write all about them because I do find some of the side characters fascinating.

    But I can't write about them because of a. spoilers or b. they're not New Trials plot relevant. :(

  3. But I do hope that you'll get the time to write a bit more about them, cuz I'm kinda a side-character fan. Cuz usually, the main characters mostly get all the action and you get to see all the what/why/how/etc aspects of it, but when it comes to side-characters, it gets all cut off (cuz its simply not relevant like you said and its way too much work) and it leaves me want to know more lol. That's one of the things that I find sad about writing fics, we can't write about everyone. Anyway, just random thoughts ^_^! See ya