Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Trials Character Profile: Akagi Aki

I've always been meaning to do a character profile for the original characters in my fanfiction New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, but never got a chance to. I decided to start off with Akagi Aki, Sakura's classmate since Junior HIgh.

Akagi Tomoaki (16) is the youngest child in the Akagi family, who are considered "nouveau riche" and made their fortune in the horse racing business in partnership with the Tamemura family. He is younger brother to famous actress Akagi Arima, and his older brother is currently heir to the Akagi business, a graduate of MIT. He used to be a grade below Tanaka Mikai back in elementary school at Eitoukou Academy. Aki transferred to Seijou first year of junior high and has been in the same class with Sakura-tachi since then. He is currently class president at Seijou High, Editor-in-Chief of the Seijou High newspaper and pointguard in the Seijou Basketball team even though he is only a freshman. He was captain of the Seijou Junior High Basketball Team and voted MVP two years consecutively and student council president. Though he has a carefree demeanor, he has a tendency to be bossy and a perfectionist when it comes down to his work.

Relationships: Since Christmas of their third year of junior high, Aki has developed a big crush on Daidouji Tomoyo. Because of his extroverted personality, he gets along with everybody at school and is liked by everyone but despite his flirtatious nature, he has trouble finding a girlfriend. Syaoran used to dislike him a lot because of the Winter Wonderland incident (Arc One), but since then has grown to value Aki's steadfast presence in class. Sakura grew closer to Aki when she was recruited into the journalism club and finds him one of her few male peers that she feels comfortable to talk to. Miho and Aki clash a lot because they both are so headstrong, but Miho genuinely respects Aki as an editor and journalist. Tomoyo thinks Aki is like a big golden retriever (she thinks Syaoran is like a Siberian Husky and Eriol like a tabby cat). Aki's greatest idol back in elementary was Tanaka Mikai, but he gets greatly annoyed by Mizuki Kai. The person he is most scared of is his older sister.

People have been requesting for a picture of Aki, and unfortunately, I only have a rough sketch I drew quite a while ago. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a color picture of him when I have more time; he's actually a pretty fun character to draw. I mentioned before that Aki was originally named because there needed to be more male characters in Sakura's class, but somehow, he just stuck around. Unfortunately, I find that he is the only "ordinary" guy in the entire cast of New Trials; he has a very simplistic nature. He has trouble hiding his emotions, and he speaks what he thinks, hence is an antithesis to Syaoran, I guess. His fashion style is sporty and on the flashy and flamboyant side (think Hawaiian Tropical). In the sketch above, the boy on the right is Aki. The boy on the right... can you guess who it is? It's young Tanaka Mikai. You learn more about Akagi Aki's past in the Kaitou Magician Origins Special I actually should post the next chapter up, because I think I've caught up to the point in New Trials where I can reveal more about Kai's past. Anyhow, I wonder which character profile I should do next.


  1. YES! Post the next chapter up! Thank you so much for the last one, I feel so spoiled!

  2. Aki is a really great character who evolved so much from Arc I to Arc IV. Like Naoko, it looks like he can't find love. Speaking of love in NT, I think there could be something up between Erica and Jinyu...

    We miss you, Wish-chan! I hope you pop back online to say hi soon!