Thursday, March 18, 2010

Music Spotlight: Color Bottle - Sayonara

Color Bottle is one of my lucky finds on Youtube. They are a rock band from Sendai that formed in 2004 but don't seem to be well known outside of Japan. There are those songs that somehow seem to just touch your heart, and "Sayonara" was one of those songs. The PV is very simple but poignant and bittersweet. I rather love the vocalist Takemori Masayuki's slightly raspy and very versatile voice. I am trying to get my hand on some of their discography. They are probably best known for doing to opening for the anime Casshern Sins, "Aoi Hana," which is an
awesome song as well, much edgier than Sayonara. It sort of matches the mood of xxxHolic, especially the lyrics "Hey, why were we born? Hey, why did we meet?" I look forward to seeing more of Color Bottle's works in the future.

I had a hard time finding the lyrics to "Sayonara" and ended up having to do the English translations myself. I had to work off of Korean translations and my limited knowledge of Japanese grammar. It's sort of a pity that the poignancy of words gets lost in translation. I don't speak Japanese, but grammatically, Korean and Japanese are very similar and more interchangeable in translation. When I heard this song, I thought I would like it to be the third arc ending song for my fanfiction New Trials. Because I chose two Maaya Sakamoto songs already, I wanted to choose one that had male vocals. This song reminded me a lot of Syaoran. I also like how if you rearrange the letters of "sayonara" it spells out "Syaoran" plus an a. Three down, just one more ending song to find. ^_^

On a side note, Chapter 65 of New Trials, Cohabitation Part II, is coming along. I think a week or so to fine tune and edit and it should be out.

Color Bottle – Sayonara (カラーボトル - サヨナラ)

Goodbye, every day until today, let us walk on from here
Even if this feeling that tightens my chest will become a memory
I won't forget, I won't forget.

No matter how much we do not want to change, we cannot help but change
The warmth of your last touch still remains in my left hand so real.
From where did we go so differently
When everything used to shine so brightly.

Goodbye, every day until today, let us walk on from here
Even if the feeling that tightens my chest will someday become a memory
I won’t forget, I won’t forget.

When we met, I didn’t need anything else but your smile
Hugging tightly, we shared are insecurities, but in our hearts somewhere
We both realized that the colors had begun to fade
The color of this path and even of the evening sunset.

Goodbye, every day until today, goodbye, the scenery with you in it
All the sincerity that tightens my chest seems to be changing into memories
If this door is opened, there is no more returning
It is the first movement to a new sky
Even if I cannot walk properly, even if tears fall
Still, still…

Goodbye, every day until today, goodbye. The scenery with you in it,
The small back, the moist eyes, the face with the innocent smile, I really loved it all.
Goodbye, every day until today, from here I will walk on
Even if this feeling that holds my heart will someday become a memory
I won’t forget, I won’t forget, so I will not forget.


  1. unrelated but what happened to the website?

  2. It's still there? goes down once in a while for maintenance, but when I checked, it's working. Let me know if you have any further problems accessing the site. :)

  3. SO excited for the new chapter to come out!!!!!

  4. i think i'm an addict of your fic... i've been cheking everyday to see if you've updated.LOVE YOU

  5. we're the same...I also consider Color Bottle as one of my Lucky finds on Youtube,,Together with Funky Monkey Babys...^^...tnx for this...

  6. There's a great post about them here:

    Have you read it? :)