Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sakura and Syaoran Valentine's Day by ~wishluv on deviantART
This has been a pretty sad year for New Trials updates when I intended it to be an awesome year. But I hope the long-awaited Chapter Next chapter SPOILERS Chapter 68: Regeneration promises action, Tomoyo versus Leiyun confrontation, perhaps a little romance and maybe a wedding. Or I might be lying and it'll just be more angst. Lol. It's 80 percent done, but I've been writing at a rate of a paragraph a week the past half year. Sigh. But I've written out parts of the ending three years ago if that's any solace.

While waiting for the next chapter, you can reread the New Trial's Valentine's Day Chapter 67.5 and check out Hazuki Goldair's awesome song Syaoran the Waiter Boy again in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

And a beautiful song by Damien Rice, "Cannonball," for those of you who feel mellow on V-Day.



    Haha A Leiyun vs Tomoyo confrontation sounds sorta fun ... I don't think they've had too much to do with each other just yet ...


  2. The picture is adorable! ^_^ And I love the song. Just what I needed to hear after a stressful day at work. :)

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. Aww, this is so cute! And spoilers - what does it all mean? Sigh, I'm already dreaming of an S+S wedding ^_^ Maybe at the end of NT?

    Kirei Blossom~*~

  4. I can't WAIT for the new chapter! Take care!