Friday, September 6, 2013

CCS Questionnaire

I saw over at the New Trials Yahoo Group that Kirei Blossom has posted up a very fun Card Captor Sakura questionnaire, and here is my take on it though I left some out because they were not applicable or were spoilerish. I began answering them early August and just got around to finishing it. Belated Happy Birthday Tomoyo!

1. Tell us how you discovered CCS:

I didn't know it at that time, but I first discovered CCS through a stationary my half-Japanese friend gave me with a manga image of Sakura and Tomoyo in a kimono back in 1996 (the year the manga came out). I still probably have it saved somewhere because pretty Japanese manga stationary was hard to get back then. A couple years later my country began to broadcast CCS anime on TV on June 1999. Even from the previews, I knew I was going to love the show, but following episode, "Sakura's Never-Ending Day," I knew it may become a lifetime favorite show.

2. Did you watch the original subbed version, or a dub?
I first watched the Korean dub version, which is nearly on par with the Japanese version. A few episodes were missing, though, I discovered later, like ones with the characters in kimonos. I managed to get caught up with CCS-sphere and for CCS season 3, I watched live NHK2 broadcasts since I got the channel via satellite in Korea. It's the first and last Japanese show I watched live I think on Japanese channel. Back in the days, subbed anime weren't all so readily available on the internet. Since then, I've watched all the subbed version and movies. Multiple times.

3. Where did you first read the manga? (Bought hardcopies/read scanlataions?)
I bought Korean hardcopies for all the volumes... Which got lost when I moved in high school! I'm still so angry. Each book came with the character bookmarks. But I think back in the days, I read translated scripts for the latest manga volume. Old school.

4. How did you get into fanfiction?
I was feeling frustrated somewhere between season 2 and season 3 of CCS anime and found the Anipike website and that there were fanfictions written about CCS characters. These were the olden days where we all had dial-up connection and LQ images took a long time to download. And there were no streaming videos. Oh, how far we've come since then.

5. How and when did you find NT?
I was looking for a credible continuation to the CCS anime/manga, and because back then, it was difficult to find CCS fanfiction which I thought kept Sakura and Syaoran's characters in tact, I decided to write New Trials in the fall of 1999. (CCS has a huge fandom now, but back then, I don't think there was as big of a fan community as now, though it was substantial). I didn't have my own website then, and I just sent it off to website that hosted CCS fanfiction after a bit of hesitation. it was pretty surreal, thinking back on the process.

6. How long have you been following NT for?
Since its womb. ^_^;

7. Your first reactions about NT (for example, your instant thoughts during the first few chapters or halfway through the first arc)
8. And now that you've read up until three-quarters of Arc 4, what are your thoughts at this point of the story?
9. Why are you *still* reading NT? Why do you wait more than a year for a chapter to be released?
I am curious too. 

10. Your favourite parts of the story?
11. Your least favourite parts of the story?

12. Your favourite New Trials character originally belonging to CCS:
If I didn't like them, they didn't make it over to NT. 

13. Your favourite original NT character: (Tell us who ranks as the first OC for you and WHY, and then list other favourites):
Kai's probably the most popular OC. I rather like Amamiya Hayashi, and the sad thing is, I haven't really written much about him but hope I will be able to when I continue the legacy series. 

14. Your least favourite original NT character?
Yes, I even like Li Wutai. There's more Wutais out in the world than Syaorans, for sure. 

15. Favourite Dark Forces?
The Fantasy. 

16. Which couples do you ship?
Sakura and Eron. Syaoran and Meilin. Kai and Kara. Naoko and Eriol. 

17. How do you think New Trials will end?
18. What are you waiting eagerly to see?
19. Any unanswered questions you want answered:
20. What do you think should happen to the twins when NT ends?
21. What should happen with the Li Can at the end?
22. Any character subplots you'd like to see more of before the end?
23. If you could change anything about the story, what would it be?
24. Your words for Wish-chan:

25. Sakura and Syaoran: Maroon 5 - "Payphone" (Boyce Avenue cover)

26. Kai and Meilin: I loved Taylor Swift's performance of "I Knew You Were Trouble at the American Music Awards 2012, and still think the choreography, stage, costumes and camera work made it a standout performance.

27. Eriol and Tomoyo:

28. Nadeshiko and Ryuuren: My favorite original couple. Too bad they didn't happen. Or thank goodness.  

29. Chiharu and Takashi: Amethyst Beloved's favorite

30. Miho and Aki: Oh dear.

31. Rika and Terada:

32. Eron and Sakura: 

33. Erika and Jinyu: 

34. Leiyun and... whoever is freak enough to be with him: Good luck.

Yes, I'm just a huge fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and we had to sing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat for choir in sixth grade so I know all the lyrics by heart till this date. And this whole part of the questionnaire is just for a way to share random songs with you. I think I usually share Japanese songs but this is sort of my more eclectic taste, including even both pop and oldies, all English songs.

35. Any other pairings/characters/plots:


36. Your name/screenname and why you chose your screenname?
Wish-chan because I was 13 years old and in the middle of Chapter 3 or 4 when I realized fanfiction writers need nom-de-plum, and I was I wasn't creative enough to come up with anything better. Wishluv because it was cool to spell love as "luv" back in the 90s.

37. Are you male or female? Female. 

38. How old are you? I was 13ish when I wrote the prologue for New trials. You can do the math. 

39. Where are you from / Where do you live? NYC/Seoul

40. What languages can you speak? Bilingual in English, Korean, and at one point French un peu but no more. 

41. Which NT character are you most like?
Tomoyo, since I too am an observer and listener. But truthfully, I've invested a little bit of me in each of the characters... Like Kai's non-confrontational tendencies, Sakura's hopefulness, Eriol's AB bloodtype evilness...

42. Your interests / likes: Writing, drawing, matchmaking.
43. Your dislikes: Deadlines, smelly things.
44. Favourite food/cuisine: Ice cream and Italian
45. Least favourite food: Weird slimy creatures
46. What was the last thing you ate: Shrimp and avocado pasta and mango pudding.
47. Any random fact about yourself: I willed my fingers to be double-jointed.
48. What is most important to you in life: "Life is a journey not a destination."
49. Your birth order (Are you an older child, middle child or youngest child) and how does that affect your personality:
50. What else did you want this questionnaire to ask?


  1. Waiii~~it's so nice to hear from you so soon Wish-chan (:

    Funny thing is, I was actually working on the questionaire myself too--it was on Sticky Notes via Windows, and it's still around, half-answered...haha.

    I just wanted to comment on #13, since I just finished re-reading the Legacy chapters and two chapters into KM Origins I noticed that Kai (the current one in NT) and Hayashi are somewhat similar in character, but maybe it's just because I found the scene of Shulin sitting on Hayashi during their first meeting similar to when Meilin was sitting on Kai after he read her diary.

    Thanks for the song sharing! I giggled for the ones you shared for Sakura & Eron, Kai & Meilin, ESPECIALLY Chiharu & Takashi's. Payphone for S&S!!! And didn't get to listen to all of them but I also giggled at the title for Leiyun's xDDD

    Coincidentally, I also posted a YT playlist for some new Ayaka songs (: do listen if you have time!!

    1. Yay! Do post up your questionnaire on Yahoo. I had fun reading those. Meilin is rather similar to Shulin intentionally. Just Shulin is meaner, more jealous, outspoken and competitive. Hayashi is sort of hard to peg--not even his friends really knew him well. Lol. He's kind of like a male, powerful version of Tomoyo though. What is your Youtube account? I'm a big fan of Ayaka (and her hottie husband Mizushima Hiro).

    2. Oh, I didn't add those songs on any public lists or anything, but Ayaka does has an official channel: and there's a playlist on it with the studio lives (only 6 songs).

      Hehe, powerful version of Tomoyo xDDD except I don't think he gets those "Tomoyo-moments" ^^;;

  2. YAY! Thanks for the answers to the questionnaire! It's always so interesting getting your behind-the-scenes opinions on NT. Thanks for the videos! I love Payphone and every time I will hear it for now on I'll think of S&S. I think what surprised me the most is what couples do you ship.

    I'm a bit puzzled with your Aki and Miho video. Rika and Terada was perfect. It was fun seeing Lion Sleeps Tonight for Takashi and Chiharu. Did you see the fanart that I drew for that scene?

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with us!

    ~Amethyst Beloved

    1. Haha... pretty much the last two-thirds of the questionnaire was done tongue-in-cheek. Especially Aki and Miho, I couldn't think of any song to match them. Does anybody have any ideas? They're just scrupulous accomplices. I keep thinking of the Pink Panther theme when I think of their sleuthing and reporting ways. And the Cats song was just similar in vibe though not my cup of tea, usually.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking out the time and filling this out!

    #12 - So you didn't like Maki-san, the storeowner of Twin Bells? ^_^ Because I think she was the only CCS character not in NT?

    #16 - made me laugh the hardest. Hurray for Sakura and Eron, lol! (That's a joke, just in case anyone misunderstands) I don't think anyone's ever thought of Naoko and Eriol before, but definitely, all of Naoko's wishes to see supernatural stuff would come true with Eriol. I don't know who to pity more in this relationship ^^:;

    Great song choices. I loved almost all the oldies. Here's one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite childhood movies. This is for the Sakura and Yukito-san pairing. Well, Yue probably would be that old :p

    Sorry, I'm shamelessly plugging my favourite movie of all times. You have to watch it one day, Wish-chan. (When you have the time to spare) The whole thing's on Youtube in HD There's Movie 1 called Alice in wonderland, and Movie 2: Alice through the Looking Glass. If ever you do watch it, I'll love to hear what you think! :) The girl playing Alice was the cutest thing ever. I remember being 5 and thinking how grown up and well mannered 7 yr old Alice was.

    1. Wow, there's a version of Alice in Wonderland that I haven't seen? You're right, the song works really well for Sakura and Yukito! Hmm, I never thought of a song for those two.

      And are you sure I never wrote Maki-san in? Lol... Now I feel obligated to write her in.

    2. P.S. the Alice is so cute... Now I feel like drawing Alice artwork again. My college freshman roommate told me I was like the Cheshire Cat. "You're just like a Cheshire Cat when you sit there smiling like that." We're the only roommates that remained friends in our hall after that year lol, thanks to our shared love of Broadway and writing.

    3. And here I was just thinking that you probably didn't like Maki-san. Haha ^^;; It's okay though if she doesn't appear - maybe she moved out of Tomoeda as abruptly as she moved to the city to open her shop.

      Sigh.. I cannot explain how much in love with that Alice movie I've been all my life. I had this on VHS and we would always watch it every few months. I never saw the Disney version. I think I saw an anime dub version of Alice back in the 90s (Alice had a sidekick named Binny Bunny in there). Anyway, once you see this 1985 version you'll never wish for another version ever again, its that good! (I actually told you about this movie after The Tea Party chapter back in 2008 :p)

      Cheshire cat... haha, Eriol is like the Cheshire cat too o_o; Therefore is Wish-chan as evil as Eriol-kun? *recalls last chapter's ending* Oh definitely. >:} Well, at least you're not Leiyun, and that's a compliment!

  4. Oh my god that was hilarious! I too am a HUGE fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber. My favorite song to belt in the shower, or to sing to myself on a long car ride is Angel of Music.

    Bad Romance made me laugh. I love the Moonlight song. Again another song you introduced me to that I love :D

    It's funny you picked Natasha Beddingfield's song for Nade and Ryu. Because she mentions shadows and this song has always made me think of them:

    If you haven't heard of Lindsey Stirling check her out. I LOVE her. And we usually have the same taste in music so I think you will like it.


    1. Omg, I love Lindsey Stirling, especially her version of Grenade. I initially had the song for Eron and Sakura but switched it out because it matched another couple more. And Angel of Music is so hard to sing... Now, I used to belt out Memory from Cats in the shower all the time.