Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Website is up and running again!

Some of you have noticed that my main website was down for a little over a week. I just wanted to apologize for any inconveniences or incurred during the downtime. I have been getting free hosting from Robert Arrowsmith of robswebsites.com ever since revolutionhosting.net went down several years ago. Robert used to be with revolutionhosting.net. I called Robert long distance today, and he was very helpful and got the site up and running again right away. He said that he had been doing some spring cleaning for old websites and mine got deleted in the process by accident. But luckily, my files were still saved on the server. Anyhow, shout-outs to robswebsite. I am very grateful for Robert's support all these years. Thanks for all the suggestions at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newtrialsring/ in the meantime! 

I can now go back to finish Chapter 70: Eye of the Dragon. Which is a dinosaur of a chapter. I put together a collage of WIP sketches and doodles over the years in the meantime to keep you occupied trying to figure out who is who--more difficult isn't it, when it's black and white? Which artwork would you like to see completed? 

WIP - New Trials of CCS doodles over the years by wishluv on deviantART

So, have any of you wondered what New Trials would be like as a Korean live-action drama? Check out the video below made by the talented Saloni and Melanie from Yahoo Group, posted originally on Facebook but now up on youtube. I had a great fun looking at all the choices!

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