Monday, June 16, 2014

New Trials Chapter 70: Eye of the Dragon Part I and II is up on

It is just one of those ironies in life when I finally decided to post up the official completed Chapter 70 of New Trials of CCS Part I and II up, and my website was down over the weekend. The site is up again, but I'm having trouble logging into my ftp at the moment, so I really didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer (as if you haven't waited long enough already), so I posted up the full chapter myself on (Usually darling Amethyst Beloved has been diligently uploading the chapters for years, so this is the exception, especially because I didn't want to burden her with editing in all the annoying scene breaks!) I already posted Part I on my website, without an official update notice. Not much changed except some typos, a few pointed out by Amethyst, and a date error pointed out by another kind reader S. Halliwell (and a bunch more that I discovered and hoped you didn't). No content change, so if you already read Part I, you can skip right ahead to Part II (but you can also read Part I again as a refresher!)

Without further ado, you can find Chapter 70 Eye of the Dragon Part I: A Midnight Toll and Part II: The Dragon Isles here:
And of course you can read the rest of the post after you finish reading the chapter. I am not a big fan of how changes the formatting of the chapter, so if you don't mind waiting a couple more days, hopefully by then I will have the ftp problem resolved and you can read the chapter with proper formatting on my website at soon enough. Despite ugly formatting, I kind of like the idea of debuting the landmark 70th chapter on first, for the first time. For a while, I entertained the idea of ending New Trials at Chapter 70, to parallel the number of anime episodes. But not happening, obviously.

There are so many things I can say about this chapter. As you know, I had this chapter almost finished for Sakura's birthday and posted up the first half in mid-April. An apology is due, however, for taking so long to get Chapter 70 completed, however, (plus the nearly two-month hiatus to get Part II out.) Work (organizing an economic forum on top of everything else) and real world drama took over, as usual. I was really being nit-picky about this chapter as well, because it is a significant chapter to me in many ways, and there was one last scene that I was stuck on. This is actually technically the length of two chapters (around the length of the first Harry Potter novel), but I wanted it to be under one chapter. As you guys know, I've been writing ahead, and I've actually had to cut out the last third of this chapter because of length. 

This was probably one of the most technically difficult chapters to write to date, but I had a lot of fun writing it (in retrospective)--I feel like it's a bit different from any other chapters so far, and I've imagined so many years writing this chapter, I'm excited I finally got to it. I don't think the 13-year-old me could have pulled off this chapter at all.

Before I forget, it's odd but I had a CCS-related dream last week. I think this chapter was stressing me out subconsciously. I haven't had a CCS dream that I remembered in years and years. Themost vivid CCS dream I think was over 14 years ago. I had a dream (in anime) with Meilin with short hair crying and looking very sad in a snowy place. I used to hate Meilin during Season 1 and 2 CCS days (sorry girl, love you now), and I think it was because of this dream I decided to like her (and after she got rejected for good by Syao-chan.) Anyhow, I had a dream that I was watching on a screen CCS!Sakura in a trademark white and pink dress, levitating in space with stars around her, and shooting an arrow up into the sky, emitting light like a shooting star. It felt like a promotional teaser or something and in my dream, I think I thought it was an ad for a CCS OVA or remake or something. I think I was excited by the stream of new CCS merchandise being released, and also thought if Sailor Moon gets a reboot, why not CCS. Though I probably won't want a reboot for CCS. Maybe an OVA or third movie. I'm pretty sure I had another CCS dream over the past week, but I can't remember it at the moment. 

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle provided the concept art for this chapter. Refer to 0:22 of my TRC AMV. 
I really like Boyce Avenue and Jenel Garcia's acoustic cover of Imagine Dragon's "Demons" which reminds me of Chapter 70 Part II. The original version of the song, though I would use as Kai's OST.   


  1. Amazing job as usual, Wish-chan. Always a pleasure to hear from you in anyway shape or form. It looks like I was right. Duplicate body, memories, and a part of her soul, intricately weaved with all those cards and her Star Key. Boy, you worked that out good. Also love that bit about the Sapphire Ring. It is true that SS is beating all the odds right now. Going to wait patiently for Chapter 71 now. Is perhaps Chapter 75 the ending? We know it's getting there...

  2. Chapter was amazing i loved it thank you!!

  3. Loved the new chapter!! Totally made my week.

  4. I agree that the most heartfelt scene was between Ryuuren and Sakura. I felt a lump forming in my throat as I read on.

    This is actually my first comment to you and I just want to say amazing job for the story you have given us. You obviously deserve comments more than one because of the complexity and depth of the plot and characters as well as the development. Oh man. I have been a devoted fan everr since I found New Trials and will continue to be till the very end. Cheers!

  5. It took a week, but I was finally able to read the chapter, catch up on the discussion on Yahoo, update the New Trials Fan Projects site, re-read the second part, send my review to you, and finally post on fanfiction, Yahoo and Facebook. I think I've got all of my bases covered!

    Wish-chan, I can't thank you enough for being the incredible person that you are. You've given us an amazing gift and I love being a part of this community.

  6. @S. Halliwell-- I actually had to giggle because probably in my Arc 4 chapter outlines Chapter 75 might be marked as my last chapter, but who knows. I've sort of departed from my chapter outlines earlier on. Like the way Chapter 70 is "behind schedule." I have written out parts of the ending for some time already, however.
    @Enirehtac and @Courtney Thanks for your comments and @Anonymous, thanks for leaving your first comment. If you ever do comment again, remind me that your were Anonymous from the Chapter 70 blogpost.
    @Amethyst Thank YOU for always keeping the fan projects vibrant. I hate having to put myself on a gag order sometimes. I do have lots of fanarts on hiatus that I might be able to finish up this summer. I've read your review and will respond back to you via email soon. ^^

  7. i dont know if chapter 71 is written and its not working for me yet or its not been written. i use the old site and not so maybe thats why but i just wanted to tell you how aweosme you are and how much i love you for making this fic so beautiful