Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!!!

Touya, Yue, Sakura and Kero-chan at Christmastime by wishluv on DeviantArt

Can you believe another year as passed? Quoting John Donne's "Song," I'd like to ask, "Tell me where all past years are?" I'm currently on holiday, so I had to prepare the fanart of Yue, Touya and Sakura last week, before I took off. I thought it was funny because I was working six day weeks and didn't have time to pack or really prepare for a trip beforehand, but I was determined to finish that fanart. I never drew a fanart of Yue before. I always wondered why Yukito's fake birthday was Christmas Day--it's an idea for a side story someday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015!!!

Thank you for supporting New Trials for another year and hope you all great tidings, joy and laughter during the holiday season! 

Pentatonix is so talented and I love their new version of "First Noel" which used to be one of my favorite Christmas carols, especially the Pachelbel's Canon First Noel version.


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  1. Hey Wish-Chan, I was just looking back at the FanFiction and I didn't realize how long I've been reading! I know you don't remember me but a long long time ago you and I actually emailed each other! I remember I was so excited when you had replied ( I was about 10) . I began reading in what I thought was 2005, but I looked back at the archive and I had actually commented back in 2002!!!! Now I'm 21 and I just suddenly decided to see what has been updated, I can't believe that I was so in love with your stories and since I was in the 2nd grade! Thanks you for being my biggest memory about CCS. <3