Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Syaoran 2016!

The last time I updated the blog was for Sakura's birthday! I'll keep this short, but to the point. Chapter 72: Almost Left Behind Part I is up on Part II should be up within several days--I was trying to have the whole chapter up, but I just didn't have time to finished editing. The truth is, Chapter 72 was so long that I had to split it up into two chapters, so a bulk of Chapter 73 is also written as well.

But without much ado, Happy Birthday to our dearest Li Syaoran! I am so excited about the new Card Captor Sakura Clear Card series to celebrate Card Captor Sakura's 20th anniversary. But I will focus on finishing up the next few chapters first before I start gushing. 

Question of the day: Does anybody know which song the title of this chapter was inspired from? Hint: the answer can be found in a past blogpost. I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this chapter, though I already have a title for Chapter 73. It's probably because it was supposed to be one chapter. 

Music Spotlight: Lukas Graham's "7 years old"  

I probably should have a more cheerful song for Syaoran's birthday post, but this song makes me tear up.


  1. Waaai~ Happy birthday Syaoran! I can't believe it's already July. As excited as I am to see a new chapter up, I'm anxious about the foreboding hinted at in the title, as well as reserved because every new chapter means that the final portion of both this arc and this story is closer. This story has been a part of my life for so long that I can't imagine not waiting, checking in every April, July, and Christmas for updates, and reeling over what's been revealed and how it connects to that poem you wrote so long ago...

    The new series seems so cute. I've got to read it, but I'm wondering if it I can read it the same way I did the original considering Chronicles.

    I should, but I don't know what inspired the title of this chapter. I'll go scour your posts for a hint. :P

    Hope you're well. :)

    1. Thank you always for your messages^^ Yeah, this chapter itself was so fun to write but it really is the beginning of the final saga bringing NT to an end. I know what you mean about reading the sequel with a somewhat different lens. But any new CCS artwork from CLAMP is a plus!

  2. Let me start by saying thank you. I have been reading this fic for over ten years- I began when I was a young teen, and now I am in my mid twenties and married. A lot has changed in all those years, and I am so thankful that this story has been a constant- a constant excitement when you update, a constant place my mind can wander to when I need to think about something else. I am sure over all these years there have been times you thought about not continuing, or giving up, and I am so glad you have not. Please know that for me, this is a very special story, and a story that I consider part of my young life, and now my adult life.

    It is so fun to see you grow up through your writing, alongside me. It is one thing for me to mature- it is another for the narrator to grow up in her storytelling sensibilities as I grow up in my reading. You have been, and are, a very good writer. And you have gotten even better through the years, which has been a special thing to be part of.

    And now to the actual chapter... What a sweet return to a semi- normal life! Lots of sweet fluff, it reminds me of some of the chapters in the 2nd arc, except NOW, the gang is all older, so the romantic and life decision stakes are higher. It's so fun to watch play out.

    Absolutely loved Tomoyo taking the front focus of this chapter- I would totally read a side fic of just her. It is so much fun to read her- she has really grown into this sneaky, femme-fatale genius, but has kept the loyalty and cleverness that she has always had. I think she's my favorite in terms of how the characters have transformed. I liked seeing Tomoyo actually pursuing someone here- instead of taking a backseat to Sakura, or keeping her feelings under a mask like with Eriol, she's striking out on her own to figure out Leiyun. I'm not going to lie, I've been shipping Eriol and Tomoyo in this story for YEARS- ever since the concert. But I'm very intrigued by the Hades-Persephone, "2 cats" relationship of Tomoyo/ Leiyun. They really challenge each other. I also like how it's making Eriol show his hand a bit more concerning his (vague) feelings for Tomoyo. Honestly, I would still love to see Eriol and Tomoyo end up together, but if Eriol isn't willing to look into his feelings or be upfront with Tomoyo, maybe he doesn't deserve her.

    Also loving the Sakura storyline. I hope she doesn't go with the modeling company. Sweet fluff with Syao/ Saku, again very reminiscent of the old days, but now they are OLDER and I am so ready for them to move forward towards something! Good for Meilin pointing out that Syaoron needs to do something fast or risk missing out. Looking back at this story, they have both made so many grand gestures to each other- I can't wait to see what you will have unfold for them coming up.

    Again, thank you so much. I can't wait to read part 2!!!

    1. Write New Trials has been so fun because we've basically all grown up together, me as a teen to adulthood. Wow, I didn't realize you got married but congratulations! Back in those days you used to write me over at my hotmail account to now...years have sort of blurred by. I love your Hades-Persephone analogy for Leiyun and Tomoyo by the way; and yes, they are two cats too. Eriol's a cat as well.^^

  3. It's good to hear from you again Wish-chan! And thank you for bringing us yet another awesome chapter for NT. It's been a long wait, but well worth it XD Looking forward to the next update :)