Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Posted New Trials Chapter 72 and 73 at

It's been a long time since I updated by website at

But at the end of the day, I really don't feel like I completed a chapter until it is up on my website. Traditionally, I would post chapters up on my website first and then Amethyst Beloved (and Digidynasty before her) would post it up on In more recent years, I've taken to posting chapter on first, first because of the server change scare, then later because I realized that it serves as a convenient notification system to readers. That, and also, it's interesting to monitoring stats and traffic on as a gauge of how many people do access a new chapter. For example, I thought it's amazing that New Trials had over 4,500 views, of which 1,700 were unique views in the month of November, during which I finally posted Chapter 73 Part II. 

However, messes up the paragraph spacing, and you can't use asterisks, my favorite form of scene breaks, and at the end of day, makes chapters look very ugly, so I do prefer most posting up on my website, kindly hosting by Robert Arrowsmith. I further realized it's much easier to upload onto my website server, after logging in following a very long time.

Check out the newest chapters as they should be seen, with a few minor typos corrected: Chapter 72: Almost Left Behind and Chapter 73: The Other Side of Midnight. I also added the author's note for Chapter 72, which wasn't posted up on 

I also posted up a Li Clan Hierarchy Version Three (spoilers for beyond Chapter 72 for readers' convenience, since it might be confusing to keep track of all the Lis running about. It also includes key Wu Clan and Tang Clan members.

Furthermore, I went through Arcs 3 and 4 and reuploaded chapters that had broken characters in them. Sorry it took so long to get to them, but I figured you guys noticed that my old website at is still up and running, so you could have accessed the original chapters without the broken characters there, thusI didn't really prioritize fixing the chapters. They seem to have occurred during the server shift, which Robert so kindly transferred all the files for me, hence I'm not even sure what went wrong. I've also gone ahead and updated any weird line spacing or fonts as well, and changed all the old spelling of Meilin's name, Meirin, to Meilin in Arc 3. I switched somewhere in the middle of Arc 3, so I just wanted to make it consistent--I still have to go back to Arcs 1 and 2 someday to update it. If you still find any wonky characters in chapters, leave a message below or email me at and let me know!

Also, check out Amethyst Beloved's New Trials Revisited blog in a reread experience, and also to enjoy old fanarts. I'm having a fun time reading through the posts now that I'm finally finished with Chapter 73--which might be one of the longest if not longest chapter to date for some reason with over 110,000 words. New Trials will definitely break the 2 million word mark by Chapter 74. Length does not necessarily equate to quality, and it's not like I intended to write such a long fanfiction for so long, but since we (yes, all the readers) stuck by this story for so many years, we might as well break some records.

I'm also amazed at all the amazing fanart that readers have continued to share over the years. This one of Tomoyo and Leiyun from Chapter 73 by Kristina Rondilla looks like it can be straight out of an anime, and there's many wonderful artwork being shared, and I love it!   

Lastly, if you have read the ending notes to that chapter, and I hope you do, it was dedicated to a beloved reader, Kelly Wallace, who has unfortunately passed, but my prayer and thoughts are always with her, and for her family. 


  1. Oh yay, thanks for the shout out! I'm very happy that you're enjoying my blog.

    Great job at updating the site! It's been a long time coming. :)

    Looking forward to NT surpassing two million words!

  2. Best fan fiction ever! I personally think that it should be part of the actual Cardcapture Sakura. Every time I read your story it feels as if the Cardcapture Sakura original continues into you fan fiction. Can't wait until the next chapter comes out!