Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Trials Update: Kaitou Magician Origins Chapter Six

Kaitou Magician Origins Leon Reed Character Sketch
by wishluv on DeviantArt

I posted over on the New Trials Yahoo Group that Kaitou Magician Origins Chapter Six: Leon Reed would be updated, and for the first time I actually kept my promise! Truthfully speaking, this chapter was mostly written out and nearly ready to release when I wrote Chapter Five: Mizuki Mayura, but I only held it back for possible spoiler reasons in the main New Trials of Card Captor Sakura storyline. 

Chapter Six marks the second half of Kaitou Magician Origins, Thief of the Night, where Mizuki Kai officially begins his training as a thief and also may be marked by a darker tone than the first half, Prince of Light. I'm definitely excited that Leon Reed finally gets introduced in the KMO storyline because he probably is the character most full of intrigue in the Nadeshiko generation. I find KMO Part Two more interesting than Part One, so hope you guys can enjoy as well, while waiting for New Trials of CCS to get finished up!

You can find Kaitou Magician Origins Chapter Six newly updated on my New Trials website's Kaitou Magician Origins page: http://wishluv.com/kaitoumagicianspecial.htm.

KMO Chapter Six is also up over at: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4670496/1/New-Trials-Special-Kaitou-Magician-Origins.

I don't do it often, but I posted on devianart a rough character study sketch of Leon, because I did that for Kara Reed years before she was introduced in the New Trials story line at the end of Arc 3. You guys probably saw a roughly half-colored version of it in my WIP collage posted a couple years back.  

I also corrected some typos in New Trials Chapters 1 to 3 which had a few Kero-chan-chans because of my careless editing attempt some years ago, which Amethyst Beloved kindly pointed out to me. If you guys spot weird typos like that, or broken links, do let me know! 

And don't worry, I've been working on the New Trials final arc as well.  

Music Spotlight: X Japan - "Rain"

I am pretty sure I must have featured X Japan before, though I can't remember clearly. The main reason I chose X Japan today was because there is a scene in New Trials Chapter 73 where Kai is listening to the band in the classroom during the cultural festival, and he probably was listening to this song. The reason he listens to X Japan was because it was one of Leon Reed's favorite bands, though it probably isn't his own taste in music. 

X Japan probably bears no explanation since they are that famous, even if Japanese heavy metal is not your usual genre. "Rain" composed by Yoshiki is probably X Japan's most emotional ballad, as it was written about the death of his father. Check out the lyrics here. I think it rather fits Kai and Leon's relationship as well. X Japan has its links to Clamp because of the X anime. I've probably listened to X Japan while writing New Trials since Arc 1, because it is one of the first Japanese bands I have known, since I was introduced to them through "Rusty Nail." I also love "Crucify My Love" equally as much as "Rain." It's too much to listen to frequently, but every once in a while, I do go back to their hits.

I was asking the Yahoo Group for music recommendations because I've really hit a stump with my current playlist and would also welcome any suggestions here as well! Similarly, I asked the Yahoo Group if anybody has any trouble when searching for New Trials on Google. My wishluv.com domain didn't seem to show up for me right for a while, (and rather the wishluv.revolutionhosting.net site did) but it seems to be okay now. Still, just wanted to make sure because I'm never sure how the Google algorithm works.

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  1. Wish-chan I love your work and I love how dedicated you are. When reading your fan fic it will always make me link to the original Cardcapture Sakura. I wish that your fan fic didn't come to an end. Can't wait until the next chapters comes out!♡