Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen – Episode 10 Review!!!

Episode 10: "Sakura and the Sleep Labyrinth" aka return of Cooking Master Sakura

This is an Akiho-centric episode, and it keeps up in the sweetness factor, but I missed Touya the most, then Syaoran and Tomoyo. The most exciting part of this episode may have been Meilin’s phone conversation with Sakura, and how Meilin is reluctantly worried about Sakura. “I guess I might cry a little bit to if you get hurt,” was really cute. And Sakura changing her mother’s daily photo herself and reporting to her father about it was really  sweet as well, especially as we know that her mother is going to make an appearance later on some time. 

Meilin: You're in middle school now, how come you can't multitask?
Nadeshiko photo of the day: Lovely Nadeshiko with lavenders.

Akiho comes over, bearing cookies from Kaito, Sakura serves her tea, then gets carried away and shows her Tomoyo’s handmade battle costumes. I loved that Sakura showed her photos of their elementary school play in her photo album, meaning that Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card is canon. Except, Clow Reed’s house still exists and Akiho’s living in it. 

Sakura: My real best friend, Tomoyo, is super talented, skilled at everything and beautiful to boot!
Sakura's photo album aka, Princess Sakura enjoys watching Syaoran kneel in front of her because it gives her a sense of deja vu of a kingdom far, far away.

The two girls sharing their hate of konjac and agreeing to get Touya and Kaito to eat it was hilarious. Sakura's quote of the week: “Don’t worry, even if we don’t like konyakku-san, the people we love will eat it for us!” I actually like konjac, but I guess I understand why the slippery-firm texture could be off-putting for some. The girls have beef stew, Akiho asks Sakura to teach her how to cook (are you sure you’re asking the right person, Akiho-chan?), then Akiho falls asleep in the middle of the meal. 

We hate konjac club!

Yandere Akiho and Sakura: “He he he. Even if we don’t like konyakku-san, the people we love will eat it for us!"

Sakura finds herself in Hogwarts’ Grand Staircase, she busts out her rollerblades for the first time in a long time, Kero-chan is slightly helpful for the first time, and she captures two cards, the Snooze and Labyrinth! It was nice to have to put more effort into sealing the new cards and use more wits, like figuring out that they are inside a card so the Seize wouldn’t work. I guess they are the equivalents of the Sleep and Maze Cards. I really like the Labyrinth’s function—it reminded me of the stair scene in the 1986 David Bowie Film “Labyrinth.” 

Tinkerbell, is that you?
Even Hogwarts students didn't have to put up with this kind of stairways!

Self-aware Kero-chan: I haven't done this in a long time!
Sakura: Kero-chan, you actually knew how useless you were this season?
Akiho is mortified she fell asleep while visiting, Kaito comes to pick her up in person, chuckles at the two girls up to no good, and goes from calling Sakura “Kinomoto-sama” to “Sakura-san” in five seconds. (Syaoran: How dare you call her by her first name? It took me 57 episodes!”) Thank goodness Sakura is over her hanyaan days, or at least Kaito doesn’t draw that effect from her. Kaito is totally Sakura’s type too, especially knowing how similar Akiho and Sakura are. And we see an ominous red super moon.

Sakura: Kaito-san are you related to Lelouch Lamperouge?
Kaito: You mean Zero?
Kaito: "Sakura-san!" Sakura: To hanyaan or not to hanyaan.
One antenna vs. two antennas.
Kaito: He he Those two are the same species.
Sakura: Akiho-chan, is your Kaito-san laughing at us?
 Sakura invites Akiho to visit her father's library in the basement next time. I wonder if that's significant. And Akiho brought over Momo-chan. What had Momo-chan been up to this whole time. Kaito looks nice in his regular clothes, but he's probably up to no good.

Don't ever trust a man who only shows the lower half of his face, and especially not if he smiles at the end of the episode in the twilight.
Battle costume of the week is Syaoran, and it's the only other glimpse of him we get this episode.


  1. I know that the episode was underwhelming, but it was still chock full of sweetness and it gives you a nice 'break' from blogging to a certain extent.

    I like the fact that even though Meilin isn't in Japan, we still hear from her, which reminds me of Arc 2 of NT. I was so incredibly excited to see the pictures of the play even though it raises a lot of questions. I think we can imagine that Eriol was so impressed with the crew that Kai hired to re-build the Tanaka home that he contracted them as well.

    When The Labyrinth brought Sakura to a different dimension, it immediately reminded me of The Fantasy. :P I thought Snooze was an incredibly silly name for a card and a poor replacement for The Sleep.

    New Trials definitely trumps Clear Card in originality. There are too many cards with practically the same properties as the original batch.

    1. I always thought the Clear Cards are supposed to be parallel to the Sakura Cards, sort of to counterbalance them. And CCS is teaching English vocabulary to young Japanese viewers, so all's good, whether it be Snooze of Cheese... I mean Seize. There were some pretty silly cards in New Trials, so it's all good. Hehe. And Eriol totally hired Kai's contractors to rebuild Clow's mansion. Or better yet, he probably just used his magic.