Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Birthday Sakura 2018!!!

Sakura and Syaoran Prepared for Battle
by wishluv on DeviantArt

I probably shouldn't gave scrapped the Sakura and Syaoran artwork that I was working on and start on a new fanart right on her birthday, but I felt like drawing a fierce Sakura, so I am satisfied. I was really tempted to draw a scene from the April Fool's Day Massacre, but I didn't think you guys would appreciate it for Sakura's birthday out of all days. I like how shoujo-esque this picture turned out.

I was supposed to also have Part 1 of Chapter 73.5 up by today, and it's actually almost ready, but I'm holding it off because I want to move further along in other chapters first. So I promise I'm working hard on the next chapters (plural)! 

Once again, Happy Birthday Sakura 2018, Happy April Fool's Day, and Happy Easter!

Music Spotlight:

Radwimps - "Mountain Top"

I think I've mentioned Radwimps several times before, from years back, and their music never fails to impress me. "Mountain Top" is one of my favorite songs recently, and it's so beautiful and haunting, slightly different from their other works, in my opinion.


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  1. Having you interact with us on a daily basis because of CCS:CC really erases the waiting pains for the next chapter. We really appreciate the status update, though! It's exciting to know that the special chapter is going to be even longer than we expected.