Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday Syaoran! New Trials Chapter 62 Up!

Finally, Chapter 62: Designs in Crime is up at my website!

This is an extra long chapter, rather like two chapters in one. LOL.

My laptop of six years recently crashed, unfortunately. I had backed up most of my important files except for some extensive artwork I've been doing over the past two months and a bunch of media files. I had forgotten about the artwork, a lot of which I was really fond of and had worked on for a long time. I'm hoping I will able to at some point rescue these files from my now defunct Samsung laptop harddrive through Windows XP Recovery Console, though I am not sure if I do have the disk back home. I'll figure something about. I acquired a Sony VAIO to replace this laptop mainly for aesthetic reasons more than anything else. Lol.

The first day, I hated Windows Vista as much as I thought I would. The second day, I was a little better. I hate the new Office as well. It made me very little motivated to edit Chapter 62, because I had no clue where all the different features were. The whole visual aspect of Vista irks me--I like things written out plain and clear, which is why I always liked Windows XP. I'm hoping Windows 7 will be an improvement. I am irritated that I lost a bunch of programs as well, though I'm quite addicted to the Chess game. Lol. I'm glad to have a properly working Internet and a bigger RAM. I am not a big fan of the widescreen aspect because I use my laptop mainly for writing and drawing, for both which I believe all that extra width is a waist of space and unnecessary; I'd rather have height on the screen.

In terms of the chapter itself, I had a lot of fun writing it because I got to finally get to the "core" of the different subplots. It's no fun to write about an amnesiatic heroine, so I'm glad Sakura's memories have returned. I had been drawing up outfits for the fashion show on my old computer before it crashed. Lol. I also had all the artwork for the New Trials Ending 2 Theme: Koucha. Oh well.

Belated Happy Birthday Syaoran July 13 2009!!!


  1. As usual, a wonderfully written chapter. Syaoran is finally able to let out some of his long pent-up emotions, and Sakura agreed to wait for him, yay!!! I am waiting patiently for SS to get back together, but there is a bunch of issues they have to overvcome before they can do that, Eron being one of them. I hope Eron will be ok when Sakura and him seperates. There will be someone else that is truly meant for Eron. Oh man, poor Fujitaka, he took the shot for his father. I hope things will be smoothen out after this. You won't kill off Fujitaka, right? He amd his family still needs to reconcile. This event will part an important part in Sakura sealing the dark force that is controlling her grandfather, isn't it? I will be waiting for your next chapter, and for SS to get their powers back and to get back together. Can't wait to read more of your wonderful work.

    halliwells from fanfic

  2. Wow. What an AMAZING chapter. Not that every chapter isn't amazing. Here I am, staying up till one in the morning unable to stop reading. xD
    I will never know where you pull such an astounding, complex, and brilliant plot from. If there's one thing that made me adore this chapter it's all the interaction between Syaoran and Sakura. Eeee, it was about time! I loved all the nostalgia in this chapter too. It was good to have some classic tomoyo-syaoran-sakura moments.
    And Fujitaka! You can't let him die (although I semi saw this coming from his comment to Nadeshiko earlier in the chapter)
    I will be on the edge of my seat until the next chapter, I swear.

    -love, you're closet-fan Naddle. <3

  3. Oh my GOSH! I did not see that cliffhanger coming at all... I am so impressed, horrified, in rapture all at the same time! Wonderful job. My favorite chapter yet.

    I am excited for the next chapter... will Tomoyo confess to Eriol? What will Sakura tell Eron? What will happen to Fujitaka? Who shot him?


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  5. Wow! Beautiful work like always Wish-chan :)
    Finally some S+S fluff, I've been waiting for that after the loads of angst in the later chapters. For me, what's going on between them is really deep. The part that happens backstage made me tear up...
    And Sakura ruined it. Awwww...
    And that cliffy was so out of nowhere!
    I actually shouted when it ended there!
    Kai is one of my favorite characters in your story...
    Oh yeah, and I hope you put in some more about Kara. Her persona is very inspirational and I'd like to know more of her past.
    Please update soon! I actually posted about your fanfic on my blog, promoting you :D since I was so excited about the new update...

  6. haven't read the chpt yet....but THANK YOU!
    Yeah, vista sucks..been with it for some time now, and I still think it sucks...sigh

  7. Thank you so much for writing this chapter and the past ones. I am 100% crazy about this and I do hope that you will keep writing more in the future!
    I am so glad that S+S are talking again, though it is killing me inside to know that they are still fighting! But, being the reader, I know I have to wait for things to settle down and Sakura and Li will get back together.Please, please make our two lovers get back together!! That's one of the reasons I started reading this!!

    Always Reading,
    Dragon Girl

  8. Hahaha. First I got soooo excited at the beginning for Tomoyo...but then her chance s ruined and I'm like "noooooooooooo" aw man....

  9. This is brlliant! I've been following the story for years now, and in some ways can't wait to see how things pan out! But also sad that it is coming to an end! lol. Your an amazing writer, and i look forward to each chapter!

    Many thanks for your hard work.

  10. I truly love how creative you are in coming up with a story this great!! I truly believe that you have what it takes to make this fanfic into a published story, You don't even have to change the title its great!!!! I know how difficult it can be to start working on a new program and new computer and almost starting from sctratch but your cliff hanger in chapter 62 designs in crime was/is so good that I am anxiously and excidedly waiting for the next chapters to be posted. I want to see what happens next and if sakura and syaoran ever manage to completely confess their feelings towards each other and if they ever get to have a happy ending. I wish you the best of luck!!

    - another fan to add to your collection :)