Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura - Translation Project

I am very blessed in that the New Trials of Card Captor Sakura has readers from all over the world and has connected me to people from numerous countries in numerous sorts of occupation and studies. I have received emails in the past requesting New Trials to be translated to a certain language. Unfortunately, I lacked the resources and time to do so. I have also received in the past various requests regarding adaptations of New Trials including if New Trials can be made into a doujinshi in Thailand (?) and several other countries, if the musical "Star-Crossed" can be adapted into a school play, if there can be fanfiction involving original characters or events in New Trials and if New Trials could be made into a movie for a film school project. Way back in the days, there was even a plagiarized version of New Trials called "Trials of the Heart" or something of the sort, which didn't come into my attention till a reader pointed it out. There have been many New Trials projects that I never heard back about, which makes me always wonder if there is some derivative of New Trials out there that I do not know about. ^_^

Recently, I received an email from a Spanish reader who stated that English was not her native language and requested for a Spanish translation of New Trials. It got me thinking that though I consider English a universal language, likewise, there are many anime/manga fans out there who don't speak/read English fluently. I was very enthused when Rikku-chan offered to translate New Trials into French. Rikku-chan is a beta-reader on a French website and commands excellent use of both English and French.

Rikku-chan is handling things in a very professional manner, and I trust her to handle the translation at her own pace and leisure. So far, the Prologue has been translated, and I think Rikku-chan did a great job (albeit my poor French-comprehension skills). She wants me to mention she does not do translations by request. ^^

Without further ado, the French translations can be found here at which seems to be the French counterpart of Rikku-chan is doing these on a voluntary basis, in her own free time, and I am deeply grateful to her. Please do give her a warm round of applause.

There has been mention of other translation and edit projects in the past, but I really don't wish this monster of a fanfic on anyone. Translation into any language would take an enormous amount of time and effort, especially come later chapters. But I think perhaps having Arc 1 translated into several different languages won't be too bad because I think it is shorter and structurally and gramatically more simple than the following arcs, it might be more straightforward to translate. It will then provide non-English speakers a gateway into New Trials. And there always is Amethyst Beloved's summaries of New Trials for those who want a simpler version of NT.

Meanwhile, Desi-chan/ desiree_li80 from the New Trials Yahoo Group has expressed interest in starting up Spanish translations. If there's anybody fluent in Spanish and English and interested in helping out, please feel free to contact her!

This is another opportunity to thank all those people who have been so supportive and helpful to the development of New Trials over the years. Merci beaucoup and muchas gracias!


  1. Boy, am I glad that I am fluent in english. I suggest a chinese translation, and a japanese version is like totally something that would make sense, if there is anyone to do it. Unfortunately, I have no ability to help in either language. gomen, gomen.
    I hope everything goes well

    halliwells from fanfic

  2. A New Trials doujinshi? (even if I'm not Thai)?? That would be awesome!!!
    Well, it is true that NT is pretty long, but as long as you have ideas its fine if it goes on and on! Haha, I wonder if the translated versions will ever be able to keep up..

  3. I wish Rikku-chan and Desi-chan the best of luck. It's so brave of them to take on such a huge huge translation project. :) I hope it works out well.