Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Trials Fanwork

The artwork is by our talented Selenity Shiroi who has illustrated a scene from the latest New Trials chapter. I'm so excited she drew it, because it's a scene I wanted to be drawn! 

As you all know, the readers of New Trials of CCS are a very talented bunch. Artwork, songs, spin-off fics; there have been numerous artwork (in a very liberal sense of the term) inspired off of Card Captor Sakura and also as a response to New Trials. I think Chapter 67: Sacrifice has had a very good response in terms fan response. Ever since I began writing New Trials. I love, love, loved all the fanart, fanfics, spin-offs, projects, etc. that people have emailed me about. Some of the compiled artwork can be found in the New Trials Devianart group kindly put together by Amethyst Beloved; if you type in "New Trials of Card Captor Sakura" into deviantart, you'll find a plethora of awesome New Trials related artwork. Below is my favorite Meilin + Kai fanart, also by Selenity Shiroi

Similiarly, there have been quite a few New Trials AMV made on youtube. I should probably make a New Trials youtube channel to compile all the videos. Check out Winxc1ub's version of Jinyu dancing the infamous internet meme "Caramelldansen." It's oh so hilarious and wrong, yet so right. I can never look at Jinyu the same way again. 

on the New Trials Yahoo Group today. It's hilarious, check it out! And finally, the Yahoo Group itself is a grounds where numerous people have shared their talents, ranging from singing, (check out Hazuki Goldair's "Syaoran the Waiter Boy" if you haven't already), artwork, found in the Files section, to professional photoshoots such as those of the lovely Melanie Mackey inspired from the Veil Card artwork I did of Syaoran and Blindfolded Sakura. I absolutely adore how the photo shoot turned out, and Melanie made a cameo in New Trials Chapter 63: The Joining of the Circle as the model "Malanie." I just wish I did a better job of compiling and documenting everything from the beginning. But I'm horrible at computer organization. But sometimes I just have fun googling "New Trials of Card Captor Sakura" and seeing all the fun stuff that pops up. 

Anyhow, thank you to all you talented artists, writers, musicians, singers and readers. You all are inspiration to me!


  1. HAHAHA!!!! I love the video where Jinyu is dancing! XD
    I just say, keep on going! I love your fanfic and hopes next chapter is coming out soon! ^_^

  2. I can't seem to find Tomoyo's Video Diary. Is the link still working?

  3. @ anonymous

    Hi, I think it's working now, but if not, sign into the New Trials Group and you can find the post here:

  4. I just finished the latest chapter of NT. FINALLY Sakura figures it out. I liked how you made it that they were also under the influence of The Pride. It totally fits them. I also liked how they didn't say "I love you". It's like their feeling for each other are so much more than "I love you". >_< but I still wanted a kiss. But I suppose Syaoran has to finish his business first...*sigh*

  5. finished reading the latest chapter a while ago, but didn't get a chance to say anything until now... though technically I should do my homework ...... anyways... I loved this chapter... I'm glad the misunderstandings have passed. I'm hoping that Sakura gets her star power back in the end though... something about having a powerless Syaoron and a nonstarpowerd Sakura makes me a bit sad...
    Great job Wishchan and I hope to see the next chapter soon =)
    -Do Hoon