Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Trials Update: Valentine's Day Special - The Ring

I never realized that the downside of having a blog is having a clear reminder of the how long you have been absent. Is it an oxymoron to say didn't realize I have been absent for so long, but at the same time, I was constantly thinking of how long it's been since I have updated? Many apologies for my long absence (work and sickness-induced). Though I would say the sickness was just a three-month long common cold/ bronchitis which resulted in over-the-counter medication hence constant drowsiness in the evenings when I got home from work, since I've been working pretty much 11 hour days for the past four months. I really don't know what is the greater evil: college applications, senior thesis (hundred and fifty pages galore) or work. Or an island without internet connection. All of which I have been at one point before in my decade of fanfiction writing, which consequently induced periods of being MIA.

A longer apology is included with the Valentine's Day Special: The Ring. It's a complete fluff chapter, but it is semi-plot relevant. Nah, not really. I just enjoy writing Nadeshiko and Ryuuren scenes where I can squeeze them in.

Well, it's July 7, so should we officially start the countdown till Syaoran's birthday? Yup, it's only Syaoran's birthday, not even Sakura's, that can draw me out of seclusion. Just kidding. Many apologies for missing Sakura's birthday. It just falls at the horrible time of the year. I think I've missed Sakura's birthday many more times than I have missed Syaoran's. Well, six more days to go!

Update: I just logged into the Yahoo Group after long months of absence, and sorry!!! I am not dead, and luckily, I wasn't in Japan during the time of the earthquake either, though I had originally been planning a Japan-trip around that time of the year before work to precedence over everything. I was simply brain-dead over the past couple months, that's all. Perhaps deprivation of oxygen and phlegmy coughing-induced exhaustion, from wake up, work, eat, stare at TV or computer screen then fall asleep from cold medicine (and I used to be a firm believer of cold medicines being just placebo effects). >.<


  1. Wish-chan I love it! Thank so much for posting the special. I'm really glad that you are okay. It made my day =D

  2. thank you so much*

  3. Hey Wish-Chan, it's a fantastic chapter! Thank you so much for updating. Your story has inspired me to enjoy reading, and one thing was for sure, I enjoyed reading this chapter, even if most of it was fluff. :) Looking forward to Chapter 68! Best wishes Wish-Chan. ^-^

  4. Good to see you back, Wish-chan, although I'm sorry to hear you were sick. I haven't read the chapter yet, but you updated on my birthday :) Thanks!

    Kirei Blossom.

  5. Wish-chan Its good to have you back<333
    I cant wait for the next chapter!
    Thank you for all of your effort making this
    The best stories ever<33

  6. Welcome back! Hope you are feeling better now! Loved this new chapter, but had hoped there would be more S + S than the others. I know our supporting cast is just as important, but I can't wait until S + S finally work things out! XD I really liked the Tomoyo & Eriol segment, as well as Syaoran's dedication to help Sakura make Eron chocolates, and S + S's candy exchanges! Oh! Kai + Meilin's candy exchange was really good, too! Oh! Oh! Oh! And Kero devouring the chocolate- heck, the WHOLE chapter was awesome! :P