Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014! New Trials Update and New Frozen Parody Fanart

Card Captor Sakura in Frozen by wishluv on DeviantArt

I really have no idea where this year went--it just flew by. Year end is always hectic, but this one especially so, I feel. Again, I apologize for disappearing off the radar (I know, I do it very often it's kind of expected of me, isn't it?) Usually, it is work or school that has kept me MIA, but this time around, it was a lot of social obligations. I was also a maid of honor last month so I was in the States for the wedding, which actually took a lot of time and preparation as well, since summer time, on top of several business trips, etc. All in all, it was a good year though, after tougher times in the previous two years. 

I've been writing like crazy on Chapter 71 over the past two weeks. Truthfully, through November, I was just swamped so I couldn't write at all in more than two months. This chapter was one of the easier chapters to write in Arc 4, however, and impressively, one of the rare ones where I had a clear outline of it starting out, with the beginning, middle and end structure. I wish I can state a publish date, but I never seem to be able to honor them, so I'm just going to try my best to finish the chapter as soon as I can (and the good news is I've been writing.)  

I realized for the past decade and a half, I've always been somewhat stressed during holidays (which is stressful as is), special occasions, because if I could, I wanted to have some sort of update for the New Trials community, whether it be a new chapter, special or fanart. But it's a good type of stress, playing the role of a reminder, energizer or artificial deadline incentive. And an opportunity to reach out to all of you wonderful people. 

I also noted that my website seems to have reverted back to an older version of Chapter 70. Sorry about that--I'm not sure what happened, I haven't even updated the site since last time. I'll fix it when I post Chapter 70 (as an incentive for me to finish it quicker). I think I would say the new chapter is 80 percent done, but you all know I take forever to edit. It's a lighter chapter in general, (relatively speaking), so maybe it won't be as difficult to edit though.

In the meantime, please enjoy Kirei Blossom's HILARIOUS parody of New Trials of CCS, "The Reality Chronicles."  I cracked up so much while reading it (and didn't get to tell Kirei-chan but it pumped me up for my current writing spurt.) It makes me want to write a parody of the parody. 

I posted up a Frozen Card Captor Sakura parody fanart that I drew after I first saw the movie because I wanted to draw Sakura in Anna's coronation dress. I know Frozen is a bit overdone now, and I probably should have posted the fanart when the movie was all the rage, but it's Christmas and thought it was appropriate. I also posted an Elsa only version. Kara is the only blonde heroine in New Trials, so she by default was cast as Snow Queen Elsa (to the relief of Syaoran.)

Wind and Sky - Snow Queen Elsa by wishluv on DeviantArt

Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy Holidays!

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as you guys may recall from Arc 1 is one of my favorite Christmas carols because of the nostalgic and touching lyrics amid a lot of more upbeat songs. But as with many carols, I have a heard time finding a rendition of the carol that I do like. I do like Sam Smith's version with just a plain piano accompaniment. 


  1. I knew we would get a Christmas update from you! And what a special fanart. Kirei-chan's spin-off fic was amazing. Did you see my spin-off drabble?

    After over a decade, I've returned to writing thanks to my new OTP in another fandom. Remember FanArt 100 back in the day? Well, I'm doing the Fanfic100 challenge and I've already completed 46% of the prompts.

    So glad that you're spending time writing. We'll be waiting patiently. Happy holidays, my friend!


    1. I read your drabble on Christmas day! I loved it but I was like... I want MOORREE~ afterwards. kkk... It's awesome that you have returned to writing. Writing is therapeutic. And tell me about your new OTP~ I'm always looking for interesting fandoms (though my loyalty lies with CCS).

  2. Merry Christmas Wish-chan! THank you once again for these many years of NT awesomeness.

    The new fanart is so awesome. I work with little kids the Frozen hype lasts year-round (they even sang Let It Go as part of our Christmas performance---mind you they're 2-4 year olds so for them to memorize "frozen fractals" still boggles me). Should you ever have the time, you could probably make a Syaoran-as-Elsa parody :3

    Thank you once again for the update! Good to see that all is well :)

    1. Haha... I can just imagine getting kids to memorize "frozen fractals" lol... I love working with kids. I taught five-year-old for a while and brainwashed them with Disney too. And the only reason I can't do a Syaoran-Elsa is because she is Anna's sister. There's enough incestism going on as is in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles lol... Happy New Year!

  3. Yay an update! Just like the good old days :) Glad to see you're doing well!

    The fanarts are gorgeous, and Olaf!Kero is so funny.

    Best of all, I'm so happy you read Reality and liked it!

    Kirei Blossom~*~

    1. Can I look forward to a Reality Part II someday? Kkk.. well, Happy New Year! Year of the Sheep~

    2. Lol, no way, writing Part I was hectic enough. I don't want to even try imagining it ^^;;

      And best wishes for 2015!