Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Trials Update: Chapter 67: The Sacrifice

Sakura Syaoran in the Rain by ~wishluv on deviantART

Yes, it's finally done! Thank you everyone for being so patient. I miss the days when I could edit a chapter in one sitting. Unfortunately, this chapter is in its beta stage (actually, I view the entire New Trials Project as being in its beta stage), but I figured at this rate, I could not keep the "before February" promise. It's been an emotionally draining chapter to write, and the longest one to date, but I am glad it's finally here. I would have liked to spend another month or so on this chapter, but I didn't think readers would be too happy about that.  ^_^;

Without further ado, here's Chapter 67: The Sacrifice.

I do enjoy my pop once in a while, and the remix version is awesome. And face it, who doesn't love Glee?


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! Dang it! I wish I didn't have to go to class and work today! I probably have to wait until this weekend. Oh gosh...I wonder if I'll be able to contain my excitement. But I'm so happy that it's finally out.

  2. Yay! It's finally here! =)

  3. Wish-chan...I was gonna study and be prepared for my patient tomorrow...However, I think I'm gonna get some chocolate, some spiked apple cider, go home and read me some new trials! :P

  4. Oh gosh, I just read the whole chapter in one sitting. That was like... more than 3 hours! I was watching the scroll bar on the side go further and further down the screen as I was reading. I started to get very anxious as it neared the bottom! New trials is like a test for my patience. haha, now I'm just going to writhe in my misery as I have to wait for the next update (after I go reread this chap once more though!).

    But your writing never ceases to amaze me Wish-chan. Your effort shines clearly! The characters are so realistic, their actions always truly stem from their personalities. You just drag me into the story and I don't want to leave their world ever again. That ending just makes me relieved and excited about where everybody will be headed next.

    Question for you, if you deem it OK to answer (unless you want to keep up surprise for us readers), you posted the next chapter to be "67.5". Are you planning that to be a real chapter or more of a continuation of this one? Or is that more along the lines of a "New Trials Special" type of chapter? Either way though, I'm sure I'll love it! ^_^

    Thank you, truly truly thank you for your time and effort in this project. I've been following New Trials for just about as long as I can remember and it has always brightened my days when I read it (unless it's a particularly sad scene, then I'd have tears but always the good kind). Gosh, can you imagine just how big this would be if you tried to print it all into an actual book?!!

    ~ Lizzie Le ~

  5. YAY! FInally out! ^.^ Thanks for uploading it! :)

  6. Thanks that was like an awesome birthday present. I was a wonderful chapter. Keep up the great work

  7. @ Layne... mmm... spiked apple cider. I'm up for it!

    @ Lizzie Le
    Chapter 67.5 will be a New Trials Special. We haven't had one of those in a while, and I think we all need a break from the regular plotline. :)

    @Iris, Happy Birthday!

  8. @Lizzie
    I do the same thing, anytime plot-twisting happens I always check the scroll bar and see how much is left to go. From previous experience Wish-chan's cliffhangers have gotten the best of be xD

    Awesome chapter Wish-chan!

  9. I can't wait to read it either and I see it has a wonderful birthday surprise. I truly wonder what is this twist so to speak. I'm so excited. Time to break out the hot chocolate!!!

  10. Man, that was an awesome chapter =D Just wondering, but around how many chapters are left? New Trials have been such a motivation for many people like me, so I just wondered how long it will go on for =D

  11. now I'm wondering, has the highest peak been reached? are we leaving the climax and in the solution phase right now? how many chapters left before we come to the end? :D
    My heart beat faster when I saw your post on my dashboard, haha.

    Keep informing us ne, wish-chan? Goodluck! :)

  12. I loved it! :D Yay, for Meilin and Kai! Also Syaoran and Sakura! I`m happy that they've all gotten closer in this chapter but I'm just waiting for some E&T. Lol. Anyways, we know you wanted to work longer on it but I'm sure that we are all satisfied, right?

  13. i luuuvd da new chapter wish-chan. & (thank you)to the power infinity!!!

    i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for s+s.i wish i cud meet you sumday & say all thank yous i want to say!!it was a really great chapter....

    hey wish-chan, i know you might not want to answer me but still can you please give us another rough estimation!!?? we'll keep in mind dat you might pass the deadline but still give us a date to look forward to...
    thanks again>>>>:))

  14. *O* OMG! I could hardly believe chapter sixty-seven was up~ And what great timing you have! Everything's been shut down in NY because of *glomp* the storm and this was, by far, a great way to start my extended weekend. I won't go into detail here (I'm sure there are some people who read the comments before going on to the story), but WOW. This chapter was loaded - but in a good way. I always get anxious towards the end of a chapter, but more so for this chapter. I feel exhausted. @_@ I was glad to see such a long chapter though. I haven't seen one of these since the second arc. Good times...

    I saw a --.5 on the New Trials page!! Are we getting a New Trials Special?! *giddy* I think I know who and what it's about, but I'll hold onto my suspecions for now. *bouncing around*

    Well, thank you for such a wonderful and exciting chapter (you'd think I'd be used to the roller coaster of emotions and plot turns after so long. I blame it on the time slots between updates). I hope you had a fantastic holiday and that you aren't being bombarded with snow and ice like we are.

    Stay warm!
    Kawaii Girl

  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, what a great, UH-mazing, super wonderful, extraordinary, sensational, unbelievable, incredible, magnificent, brilliant, magical, awesome, out of this world chapter!
    [and i wouldve gone on and on.. but my thesaurus was running out of words]
    i loved this update! especially the end.
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    cannot. stop. smiling.

    can't thank you enough for sticking through the years and continuing this ndsjakdnkajsnd story.
    [it's a good ndsjakdnkajsnd, not a bad one (:]
    i'm just hoping that my overflowing happiness is reaching you through this crazy message, ahhaha.

    can't wait for the next one!
    and the length was not long at all! it was just perfect ;D

    -karen. kare4akiss.

  16. LOVE IT!!!

    THANK YOU!!!
    I can't wait for the Special! I feel like I might now who its' about as well.... but I'll keep my hopes to myself for now!