Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Edited Chapter 68: Regeneration up!!!

So, I finally finished editing (let me rephrase myself, got sick of editing and gave up) Chapter 68, so I'm making an official post now. Mesel Tzegai from the Yahoo Group even pointed out a huge loophole, so I had to go back and fix up the last third of the chapter a little bit. But surprisingly, it wasn't a huge change, and I'm not sure if those who read the earlier version will be able to pinpoint the changes I made. But either way, I had to incorporate elements of the next chapter into this chapter. Which actually were initially elements of Chapter 68 that got pushed back because it was a. getting too long b. I was in a hurry to finish the chapter. 

Anyway, I'm never going to post a draft again. Go ahead and check out the updated The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Chapter 68: Regeneration.

If  you already read it and don't want to reread it, there are very minor changes in the first half of the story, and I would recommend just rereading the last third of the chapter from Tokyo Tower scene onward. The ending got extended slightly because I felt bad about the cliffhanger. Though I'm not sure if the new end is any better than the previous cliffhanger. 

I mentioned this in the Yahoo Group, but late February, I was texting while walking up stairs outdoors and tripped over in front of my coworkers. I somehow jammed my middle finger but saved my phone. Either way, it's been swollen and hurting for over a month now. It gets better and then I keep using it and it get swollen again. But because my job is comprised of typing all day long, it doesn't get better. And the worst part is, I want to show it to people but end up just cussing at them all. Sigh.

Warning of the day: Do NOT text and walk at the same time!

All fans of Disney and Madhouse must see this:

Is it random? Nope. Because we all know I love Disney. Let me rephrase myself. I love old-school Disney and their classic 2-D animation. I had stint teaching kindergartners for a while (no, I was not copying Kobato), and they came in class all Pixar and Power Rangers loving. They graduated Disney-converts. I made them watch Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc. etc. Even though majority of the kids were boys. Funniest thing. On Halloween, every single one of my girls came dressed as a Disney princess. Lol. And it puzzled me. Many of my kids said they like Beauty and the Beast the best (obviously my favorite Disney movie). But I sort of grew into liking it as I got older. When I was a kid, I probably liked Little Mermaid or Cinderella. My kids liked it so much that even after I moved jobs and went back to visit them, they were still watching B & the B.  I was like, "Don't you guys have any other movies?" New teacher: "Nah, they like Beauty and the Beast."

I got sidetracked. The commercial is animated by Madhouse, yes, the Madhouse that animated CCS. You just don't see that caliber animation in the States anymore. Though I welcome you to prove me wrong, Disney. Maybe because of that common factor, this commercial made me feel "hanyaan." And a little teary.  


  1. I'm gonna reread the chapter again ! Love all the fluff

    Oh my gosh! Why does everything sound and look better when it's Japanese? >_<

    Anyways, maybe you should get that finger checked. My sis got a swollen finger for about a week and when we got her finger checked, she had a fractured bone.

    and Lolz, texting and walking is scary. My friend walked off a dock and into a river by accident when she did that XD I had to jump in and pull her out

  2. Hi Wish-chan! The goodies keep on coming! I look forward to reading the edited chapter! I already uploaded Version 2 on ff.net, but I think it would be best to replace that that with your latest Blog and NT yahoo group messages to explain the changes and post the final version as a brand new ff.net chapter so we notify all of your ff.net 338 readers who have you on "Alert" about the changes. There are A LOT of readers! Here are your stats:

    April Stats: For the month of 2012-04, there have been a total of 1,071 Hits and 382 Visitors to all of your stories.

    That's only three days!

    Second, now that you finished the chapter, and you're out of hiding (^_~) can you please give me your comments about the New Trials Picture Book?


    It would mean the world to me if you made a blog post because it will help inform fan artists and hopefully inspire them to create pictures for the story! Catch up with your e-mails, but I hope to hear from you before you get really busy with Chapter 69. And Wish-chan, I hope it means that we'll get to see more of your art too, even if they're simple sketches!

    Finally, please get that finger checked out! Even if it means wearing a splint, what matters most is that it heals. Keep us updated~ we want our favorite author in one piece!

    Love from your right-hand woman,

    ~Amethyst Beloved