Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kaitou Magician Origins Chapter 5 Up!

I never thought that I would be able to say this... But I've caught up on months and months worth of backlogged emails. If by any chance you have emailed me in the past several months, and you have not received a response, please do shoot me another email and let me know. Hotmail might have simply gobbled it up as junk mail and I might not have received it. 

Reading my inbox made me very very happy and very very guilty at the same time. It's so horrible, I feel like a wretched person reading everyone's lovely emails and then taking so long to respond. But I do respond eventually. 

And when I'm bad, I'm really bad. But when I'm good, I'm really good (about updates I mean). So, Chapter 5 of the New Trials Special: Kaitou Magician Origins is up. It's not an eventful chapter but it should provide a lot of back information. New fanart of Kai and Kara when they were young is also up at deviantart. It's an old artwork/ doodle.

So, I'm officially "Nine-Finger Wish." How's that for a pirate name, aye? I finally went to the doctor because I got scared from everybody's warnings. The first doctor I went to at a general clinic looked at my middle finger and said that it looked like it was broken and that I might need to have a surgery and put a wire in it and won't be able to use it for eight weeks. Seriously, I kind of felt faint when I heard that. I value my hands a lot. So I went to an orthopedist who took an x-ray. As I thought, it was a stretched ligament, and there's nothing to do about it. Did some rehab and got asked what I've been doing for the past month. I'm trying to type with nine fingers these days though. Sigh. 

The Goo Goo Dolls' Iris from the City of Angels OST is one of my most favorite songs ever. There are just some songs that reach the soul, and this is one of those timeless songs. This live version of the song just sends shivers down my spine because the pouring rain just makes it all the more epic and unrepeatable. I listed before in the "New Trials OST" list that Iris would be Kai's theme song. (And Syaoran's too, but more Kai's). The lyrics really are resonant with Kai. It's kind of what the whole Kaitou Magician Origins story is about too. "I just want you to know who I really am." I hope Johnny Rzeznik doesn't strain his voice and continues to sing the song with the original chords instead of the modified version so I can hear the song live in concert live someday.


  1. Hi Wish-chan! I'm sooo happy that you finally went to see the doctor! Thanks for the update and thank goodness no surgery is needed. Keep up with the rehap!

    It's great that we get to learn more about Kai's training: the idea that he was trained under a ghost is intreguing. The fanart is so pretty that I'm going to create a new folder for the New Trials Picture Book just for KMOS related fanarts!

    Iris has alaways been one of my favorites. It's so beautiful to listen too!

    You'll have to fix the link in your dA account to your blog: it doesn't link to this post.

    You've been soooo good to us, Wish-chan! THANK YOU!

    ~Amethyst Beloved

    1. Ah you're right! Link fixed. I think. Hehe.. I don't think she'd really like to consider herself a ghost? lol. That story would completely freak out Sakura-chan, now wouldn't it. No wonder Kai hasn't said anything before.