Friday, April 6, 2012

New Trials Fanwork Updates!

I feel like fanfiction writing in itself is sort of a testimony of how much you love the original work. As I began writing New Trials in 1999, it was because I: a. loved Card Captor Sakura and b. was frustrated at that time because I felt like I wanted a continuation of Sakura's story and was bubbling with many ideas. No, the anime and manga weren't even finished then, and I was craving for more CCS.

But I'm so grateful for the love that New Trials has received, and I am so distracted by how organized/ talented/ imaginative readers have been. Amethyst Beloved has been very hard at work over the past few months, updating New Trials on Can't you tell that there's a marked different when I'm trying to run it and when she is? Lol. It's so good to have her back. I used to feel an empty hole when she went missing for some years. ^^

I was sort of lost in time looking through the New Trials Picture Book she has put together. It made me so nostalgic seeing all the fanart organized by arcs, really like seeing a visual representation of NT. And I love how Amethyst has tracked down all the old artwork too that might have been lost. I feel like readers have also sent me a lot of fanart over the years. Stupid hotmail that deleted them all and stupid old computer that crashed. I got lost in an afternoon looking at old and new artwork and feeling nostalgic. Do check out the New Trials Manga if you haven't already by Asocialcat. 

And do join the newest New Trials DevianArt Group set up by the talented WinxC1ub.

Kris from the Yahoo Group also made a video review on Youtube. It's my first video review ever, and it makes me feel so excited to see a reader almost face to face. Kind of. ^^; 

So I'm always thankful to all you who kept supporting this scatterbrained, procrastinating author who dared to drag on a fanfiction longer than the actual work itself. I think it's also a testament to the longevity of Card Captor Sakura's popularity 14 years since it ended, as CCS consistently makes it to top anime lists even nowadays.

I have come to the sobering conclusion that I am mind-numbingly digitally challenged. Hotmail: 277 unread mails though half are alerts and another quarter junk mail probably. Gmail: 1,288 unread mail. All junk I think. Work mail: account full. How can they give me only 300 MBs? Laptop: 5GBs left. When did I use up 300 GBs and two portable drives? In case anyone's wondering why I'm such a horrible correspondent nowadays, it's because I just can't keep up. And I still don't get Twitter. But I do love get reviews via old fashioned email though. As I always mention, though I don't respond right away in the middle of writing a chapter, it could be YOUR email which makes me suddenly whirlwind through a writer's block to finish up a long-overdue chapter.

And always thanks to for the free web space.


  1. It's so good to have you back Wish-chan :D All of us will always be here to support you.

  2. Hi Wish-chan! This was a very beautiful blog post! I’m so glad that you were able to spend some quality time with the New Trials Picture Book because needless to say, it’s dedicated to you. I’m really lucky that Asumei came to me in 2008 with the idea of gathering New Trials pictures in one place because four years later, sites that hosted Digidynasty’s fanart and Selenity’s mirror site for the fanart disappeared when Geocities died. Thank goodness that deviantArt is strong enough! Anyway, here’s a reminded that the Picture Book is waiting for your HQ pictures that you used for your videos! By the way, I had a feeling that you were overflowing with e-mails, which is why I conveniently made my request in your last blog post since I knew that it would be one message that stood apart from the rest. Working closely with the fanfiction and the author has its perks!

  3. Omg! New trials is amazing! Love it! Thank you for writing such a brilliant fanfic! It means a lot to each and every ccs fan! Btw when will you upload the next chapter? (almost dying to know what happens next :/)

  4. By the way, Wish-chan, check out your Notes section in deviantArt regarding message I sent you regarding sharing your fanart with the community! ^_^