Friday, April 13, 2012

New Trials Chapter 68 Fanwork Spotlight

Happy Friday the 13th. First off, I posted on deviantart a rough concept art for New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Chapter 68: Regeneration. I normally do not post doodles, but sadly I don't think I'll be able to actually ink this sketch till my finger gets better, hence, I'm posting it up. I sketched it on a crowded subway on my lap, without support, hence the messiness. Upon Amethyst Beloved's request, I also posted up a HQ version of the entire cast of New Trials (not really, but closest to it you'll see in one picture). It's more of a collage of old and new artwork, some incomplete. I actually like Chang Ruichi and Risa the best in it, but they're not really completed. The picture was used in the pan-up sequence in the New Trials Ending Theme 4 I made to Maaya Sakamoto's Koucha.

Kris from the New Trials Yahoo Group did an awesome video review on Youtube on Chapter 68. Warning, it has spoilers! 

My favorite part of Kris' review is his Asuma and Leiyun's Anyhow, Kris is so very articulate and has a great sense of humor, I feel like I'm listening to a pro film critic or something. Anyhow, if you're feeling to lazy to read the chapter or forgot what happened, Kris does an excellent job summarizing what happens, and it's so fun hearing a reader's POV on the various events. So, may I say, I think this review does a better job of relaying Chapter 68 than the actual chapter. I loved it when he recaps the Magnet scene. Oh, poor Syaoran.

While you're waiting for Chapter 69, please do check out other fanworks. The talented and beautiful Melenie Mackey from the Yahoo Group (the Malanie who appears as a model in Chapter 63) wrote a HILARIOUS New Trials side fanfic "The Gang Plays Love Truth Game." 

Of course Eriol would wear Armani. And I suddenly began to wildly imagine what could be on the Hiiragizawa Eriol Blackmail Diaries. Oh ho ho ho... Anyhow, loved all the Tomoyo x Eriol interactions and also seeing Leiyun in somewhat of a regular setting. ^^

Then, there is the great Kirei Blossom's Tomoyo Video Diaries, New Trials Edition: The Sniffing Chronicles. I cracked up so much... Poor Eron-kun. So, I've always told Kirei-chan if something ever happens to me, I'll let her finish New Trials.

You know, I never realized how popular the Li Syaoran Blackmail Diaries would be. It makes me wonder, what will be on it. Any ideas? Syaoran wearing teddy-bear print boxers? Syaoran tying a frayed green ribbon around his hair, Eron-style. Syaoran folding Sakura's underwear, only trying to be helpful? 


  1. Excellent post, Wish-chan! Thanks for highligting Melenie's story and Kris' latest video!

    I'm really glad that you posted the doodle~ we love our New Trials in any shape or form!

    As you're updating, maybe you can update the New Trials Reference? You can add the new cards on Kirei's list, and my timeline too! ^_^

  2. Thank you so much! I just about died when you mentioned me haha. And you called me beautiful! You're too nice but thank you! I would love to see Eriol's blackmail diaries too hehehe. -Melanie.

  3. Your sketches are absolutely beautiful. I hope you don't mind, but I did a colour of one of the sketches, because it was just so pretty. I don't intend to post it up on dA or anything (since it's your sketch) but I would like to give it to you to do with as you wish. Kind of a 'I'm sorry about your hand and hope it gets better soon but, until then, maybe this will tide your inspiration over' sort of gift!

    It's not as good as I'm sure yours will eventually be (for starters, my line art sucks because my hands aren't very steady!) but I really couldn't resist. I hope you don't find it presumptuous of me.

    1. Selenity, it's really beautiful! I'm itching to add it to the Picture Book Project, but I know how you feel about manga colourings so I won't touch it. Thanks for sharing the link in your post! I was really happy to see your take on Wish-chan's sketch. I can't do anything like that, so I like vicariously through fan artists instead! ^_~

    2. Ooh, beautiful coloring Selenity! It makes me happy to see the sloppy picture that I drew cleaned up and colored. And I'm sure readers are happy too.

      And do feel free to post it up on deviantart or the Yahoo Group or elsewhere to share. It's our first collab project. :P When I get to doing colored artwork for the chapter, I'm probably going make new lineart anyway, so I'm excited to see this version colored and the lacework elaborated. Love the shading as well! And that you remembered the lavender detailings. ^^

      And I think it'd be nice to see the artwork in the NT Picture Book.

    3. Heh, I started doing the colouring and then thought 'Oh...what if she's offended that I presumed to do so!'. I'm so protective over authors and artists getting the proper credit for their work that I'm always cautious over doing any sort of derivative work. I did a podfic for a Glee fanfic that I haven't finished editing because it struck me after recording that I never asked the author's permission-now I'm a bit afraid to ask!

      Your lineart is always so neat-I envy you! I have so many pictures that I've left unfinished because I can't turn my sketches into tidy lineart. I found a Meilin/Kai picture in my art folder earlier that I'm thinking of reattempting in different software to see if I can create a lineart I'm happy with.

      (also...I totally lost some of your sketch details when I was creating the line art-a lot of the finer lines on the ribbons and lace edging were too pale to see in the method I was using to trace the new line art. I only noticed it again when I relooked at your original!)

    4. Haha, most fanfic writers would feel flattered at all derivative work? Because fanfics/fanarts are in itself fan works. (I'm sure nobody would be opposed to you making a podfic of their work). I think it's important to give credit where it is due, but from the beginning I've been pretty ambivalent regarding New Trials and artwork because I guess at the end of the day, fan work is fan work and out of love, not hate. Except for that crazy copy-and-paste plagiarist a while ago. Blegh.

      Anyhow, I like the Selenity-touches to the sketch, and I love the shading in the pic.

      I actually have the same problem as you. I hate doing line work and like doodling a lot more, so perhaps 1 in 400 sketches ever made it online. I just don't have the patience.

      Though if its any solace, even CLAMP, who has the craziest detailed lineart ever, especially in CCS, did sloppy pencil-sketch CG coloring for the Code Geass Artbook. Though Mokona-sensei's pencil sketches are artwork in itself.

      Oh, want to see more Meilin and Kai artwork please! I actually have a sizzling picture of the two that's been half colored for three years. I don't know what's wrong with me and artwork and never finishing them. ^^;

      Yay for Glee! Though is it wrong that I'm still shipping Lea Michele's character and Jesse St. James. Saw the two actors in Spring Awakening on Broadway and they were so awesome and their voices sound awesome together.

    5. A great deal of the Glee fandom still ships Rachel/Jesse! I'm rather ambivalent over them (or Finn/Rachel, who I mostly support because they are less annoying together than when they are pining for each other). As long as I get my Klaine, I'm happy (I am ridiculously invested in Kurt and Blaine's's quite frightening!).

      I'm not sure why I'm so weird about derivative works for fanworks...I guess it's a mixture of not wanting to step on people's toes and being self concious about your own work. I remember it took me a lot of bolstering to post my very first fanart for NT to the group, too (all those many years ago!).

      My unfinished Meilin/Kai piece is the kiss near at the end of chapter 66...I started it just after you posted the chapter and last touched it Jan 2011-partially because I am both easily distracted and very busy and partially because I just can't. get. it. right. (And because it embarrasses me to be too sappy and drawing romantic scenes make me flustered!).

      But, god, I would love to see your picture! As much as I DO hate to admit it, they do make me sappy!

    6. Teehee... Kurt and Blaine are so cute. And I'm very happy you posted up the Meilin and Kai kiss scene.

      Check out here: if you haven't seen already, guys. It's amazing!

  4. Yay, the Ch 68 Wedding Dress picture is up in the NT Picture Book! and here are a couple more surprises for you, Wish-chan:

  5. I finally finshed chapter 68. LOVE! I can't believe I have been follow NT since chapter 3 was released, and I STILL love it.

  6. Wish-chan, it's Miho's birthday on June 3rd! And a fan actually drew a fan art of Miho's birthday party without even realizing that he special day is this weekend! Here's the picture:

  7. I almost broke out in laughter when I read your comment about Syaoran fold Sakura's underwear. Almost got strange looks by other people studying in the library.

    Beutiful picutre btw :D